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Housejoy is an Indian, Bengaluru-headquartered company that markets home construction, renovation, interior design, painting, maintenance, at-home beauty & salon services known as Zalon, packers & movers, home delivery of essential items known as Housejoymart, fumigation & sanitization service for homes and offices to mobile health checkup camps for general health & COVID testing known as Housejoycare. With in-house teams for all the above mentioned services, currently they serve across 6 cities in India where they have offices as well, which includes Bengaluru(Head office), Chennai, Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune. They are also planning to expand the above mentioned services and the offices across 24 more cities in India. Their fumigation & sanitization service is currently present across 30 cities in India.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"There is a long list. Don't know where to start with. Let me start from beginning. So when I was interviewed they acted professional and gave a job description and an insight regarding my targets. So I was hired with a responsibility to launch a city. Great isnt it? Everyone would love to be in that position. But wait now the movie begins. On my joining date I was given an HR induction and HR said that I will be handed over to manager in the second half of the day who will help me understanding my work. But till 2 days I didn't hear from anyone. What an irresponsible company. Finally I was added to a WhatsApp group and next day I got a meeting invitation from my manager. I was excited as I thought I will be introduced to someone who will train me regarding my work. I joined the call and there were three fools who were heading the call, all three sits in Bangalore office. Why I said fool, now I will explain. The call was a daily status call of the target completion. Firstly I was surprised that these fools didn't even care to arrange a training of my work and added in a status call when my work had not even started. And that call was an eye opener for me as I came to know lot many things that were not told to me during my interview and the behaviour of all these managers was very unprofessional. I will come to that later. Now the foolest of all started to ask questions regarding the status of my work even after saying that I just joined two days earlier and today is my first official meeting and I have neither received any training nor anyone told me what to do. He very rudely said that training and all are rubbish things and we don't waste our time on that. What an unprofessional guy. God knows if he paid money to get job. Hopeless creature I would say. He asked me to get in touch with my peers and get to know what they are doing and start my work. I did so. So coming to the point where I said that I came to know many things from the meeting which were not told to me during interview, let me describe that. I was told during interview that I will handle an operations guy and a supply guy and I will have a revenue target of 10-12 lakhs from my city. But in meeting I came to know that I will have B2B sales targets which of virus fumigation and daily I need to convert 50 leads. I was surprised and equally shocked to know that. How can they not tell me the same during my interview when I asked about my roles and responsibilities. Also, the leadlist they will not provide, you need to make a database from Just Dial or Google or Sulekha. Next day when I joined the call again there were these 3 fools shouting and screaming at everyone without any behaviour ethics. The greatest shock was they gave us a monthly revenue generation target of 1 Crore which is so illogical, impractical and equally foolish. Dunno if these guys have brain or cow dung in their heads. The management had not done any market research or study so as to come up with a logical business plan. They also said us that company will not spend a single penny in marketing in any of the cities that will newly launch. We have to spend our own money in marketing and reimbursement will be done later provided targets are achieved. Also after working for months I did not receive any company laptop or id card or any official identification document. When asked to HR they used to say in next week you will receive. I later stopped asking as I knew they were fooling me. They asked us to give fake 5 star review of their app in the play store and asked us to send the screenshot as confirmation. Their plan of launching city in B2C model is as follows- No marketing and promotion >Push your manager in city to do B2B sales>Once a B2B virus fumigation is completed then people will know about housejoy and will opt for other B2C services. What a joke! Also the status meetings continued every day where managers would shout and scream everyday. What I concluded about the company after working for few months is that it is more or less a FRAUD COMPANY with some fools being hired as VP or managers. Zero work ethic. No value for the employees. They just want to earn as much possible in a very unprofessional way and also are shameless enough to be so unprofessional. Never listen to problems of employees and scream and shout at them."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Well there are so Many that I can’t even remember all, let me jot down few. Training and Induction: Hj is a company which will show you big dreams and promises but in reality there would be nothing. I joined during the covid situation and we had an online induction on day 1, which went well as what you can expect from an induction programme. Now since the business is vast and I did expect that the training would be very elaborated as there are so many services and technicality that one needs to be on the edge and learn. To my surprise there are no training at all. After a week when we enquired that when will the training be taking place, to which we were replied, you guys are experienced enough we can’t give you training please refer to google and YouTube videos. Targets: well targets are something which was eye catchy. On day 1 during our induction we were given an idea that every city will be responsible for ₹10lakh of revenue(mind it we still don’t know the business model nor there is any existence of the brand in a new city nor there is any marketing) but soon after the induction we get a mail that the target has been revised to ₹1cr per month from each city only from Virus fumigation service that too just from B2B business(mind it its new city and not even the city is available on their website nor on app) failing to which will result in our performance review. ID and infrastructure: During my entire tenure I didn’t had any ID or asset from the company. I only had an email I’d and a WhatsApp group which shows I am an employee of this company. Every time we raised an issue with the management or the HR for ID cards, Business cards and laptop all we heard was that would be dispatched in a day or 2. I worked for 3 months and I still didn’t receive anything. No Mission or vision: The top management was very bossy and only relied on meaningless screaming other than listening to Business ideas or suggestions for expansion. Since there was no marketing intent from the management’s side I myself made and printed some marketing pamplates and distributed locally to generate leads, which when I highlighted to the management first I was screamed at saying that without marketing teams approval how can I do that(I had asked for marketing pamplates multiple times earlier to which they said they don’t have any such thing) moreover they asked me to fill the reimbursement form for these only if the idea clicks and leads are converted to revenue. We were even asked to give fake 5 star reviews on Google play store, Apple App Store. There were many such incidents which piled up and made me quit my job with Housejoy"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Where do I start now ! #1. ON YOUR OWN : There was no proper training to begin with, only a video conference of around 2 (two) hrs was what I got in the name of training. #2. NO ERROR FOUND : No materials or equipment for the work. I mean how do we operate a city (a new city to be launched) without the bare minimum requirement of a laptop. #3. I DON'T KNOW WHERE : Where in the world are we supposed to tell our clients about the address of the physical office in the city. And how do we expect them to believe that we actually are associated with the company. There was nothing that we could show them to make them believe we were genuine people looking for genuine clients. #4. ONE target FITS all : Be it the operations, or the supply, or the marketing, or the SALES department; they never discriminated. Everyone was instructed to PITCH and SALE (no matter what you were told about the JD in the interview process. It does not concern if you are not even remotely related to SALES in your past experiences. #5. 1st ROUND of SHOTs : Interview process is the most hilarious I have come across in my entire experiences. There was a HR round which was all about scheduling the interview. The "MAIN" interview was mostly about briefing the role and negotiating salary. And Wallah ! you just cracked an interview (I prefer calling it "cracking a JOKE") #6. ALWAYS respect ELDERS : The senior management team was brutally bossy and used MOCKERY as a self defending mechanism whenever there was any kind of dissent regarding any work issues. They were like some self proclaimed masters in their field without even having the slightest idea about the collateral they were spreading everywhere just to meet their targets. They basically followed 3 agendas : PROFIT, PROFIT and PROFIT to be precise. #7. BULL'S EYE: The target (that was not even when the JD was described) is the boldest thing one might see while working here. They scaled the targets of 1 M (10 Lakhs) to around a whooping target of 100 M (10 Crores) in just a time period of 1 day (after the 2 hrs training). This was not even the biggest challenge we faced. The fact that we were living in a world of Pandemic was their slightest concern and they only wanted to pull their profit curve to highest point possible without checking the fact that there is an Economic Crunch going on in the whole WORLD. #8. Oh HOW i LEFT : The day i resigned was the most unprofessional side i could imagine of such a big organization. There was not even a call or a simple text from my manager. The HR just called to confirm if I had actually sent the resignation. (This behavior actually helped me convince myself of taking the decision)"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Aggressive sales pressure which was not mentioned during interview, Management is directionless, No training, constantly pressurized to do sales sales and sales."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"One of the worst company I have come across they are never close to what they commit for.Horrible service. Really worst service! cheap gimmicks they play. They are interest only in their money making and never care about client/customers concerns. I am really very unhappy with the overall experience I am having with HOUSEJOY. FOR SURE I WILL NEVER EVER MAKE THE MISTAKE OF RECOMMENDING HOUSEJOY TO ANYONE."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-Very bad low standard office building - CEO takes bad decisions, wasted money on some marketing channels where no return is there. very bad business acumen. -He thinks if somebody stays long time in office only they are good employees"

Former Employee - Manager says

"-Worst CEO in the entire startup ecosystem -If you are loyal to CEO even if you don't know anything you can become anything in this company -Worst company politics -No funding -Company may stay afloat for 6-9 months max -Don't join & Ruin your careers"

Former Employee - Digital Marketing Manager says

"No Con. There won't be any skill addition or mentoring but it's relaxed and chilled out"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Worst management worst CEO and Hr team too much of politics no work culture Ceo see the beautiful faces and hire ladies"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The CEO talks 30 feet in the air. He's dug his head in the sand & doesn't want to see the damage he has done to the morale of the employees. He will go back on his word like it's nobody's business. Ethics & value are just words in Housejoy right now. Too many unethical practices, outright discrimination based on gender, race & a staunch hierarchical approach. The CEO doesn't look beyond his core team. He's basically ruined the hard work of the founders. Join at your own risk because the pay they promise isn't what you will get. First there will be delays to your variable pay stating "management decision" & then the delay will continue forever." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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